To order materials

To order Juan y Rosa materials, please use the order form. You will receive an on-screen order confirmation following placement of your order and the items will be dispatched to you as soon as possible. You will receive a separate email containing the invoice. Private individuals are required to make their payment upfront.

The various elements can be ordered separately. Since the workbook is the most important book for the children working with this method, we recommend that you order a workbook for each pupil. The workbook is published in full colour, and some of the colours have a unique and important significance in the learning process. The workbook provides the basis for 2 years’ worth of Spanish learning. You may decide that one book of solutions and one set of CDs suffices per group.

To request more information about the learning method, please use the contact form. You can also download a digital sample of the first chapter of each part by clicking on the heading ‘downloads’. Furthermore, to stay up to date about new developments, you can sign up for the newsletter.


Materials Part 0 Part 1 Part 2
Textbook - € 28,- € 32,50
Workbook € 31,- € 33,50 € 35,-
Book of solutions - € 14,- € 14,-
Manual € 24,- - -
CDs Part 1:    
CD workbook1 - € 17,- -
CD textbook2 - € 17,- -
CDs Part 2:    
set of 2 CDs textbook and workbook3  -  - € 32,-


Information about the CDs:
1. The CD-workbook Part 1 contains listening exercises and Spanish music to accompany the exercises in the workbook.
2. The CD-textbook Part 1 contains the words and conversations from the textbook, spoken by four native/near-native people.
3. In the case of Part 2 the texts from the textbook and the exercises from the workbook are grouped together on the CD by chapter.



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