Soy Don Toro, Key Stage 1, for the gifted children

Gifted, talented, more able or high-ability children require a different kind of educational offering to enable them to ‘learn to learn’. They too must be stimulated by a learning process to develop their own method of learning (learning strategy). By taking their analytical, creative and associative thought processes into account, Part 0 of the Juan y Rosa method strives to encourage gifted infants to think about their own learning strategy.

The learning method for Spanish inspires them to:

  • ask more questions
  • look for answers themselves
  • work independently
  • interact and act scenes out
  • unleash their creativity

Why teach a foreign language in Key Stage 1?

If a pupil:

  • is encouraged to ask anything and discover everything at home…
  • and also asks more questions than they receive answers at school…
  • is creative…
  • still has to discover their own learning strategy…


and if the primary school:


  • wishes to stimulate talented / gifted pupils…
  • needs to broaden and/or deepen the educational material for infants…
  • is looking for ways to broaden and/or deepen the material not only for arithmetic but also for language…

But why Spanish?

Spanish is a good solution because:

  • Spanish is easily accessible in the pupil’s world thanks to music, football, films and food.
  • It is a Romance language which helps to prepare pupils for leaning French and Latin.
  • Spanish is a world language…


…and this learning method is ideal because it allows pupils to work at their own level and pace. Furthermore, it extends beyond the equivalent of A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


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