Extra materials

It is advisable to order extra materials in support of the learning method. Illustrated dictionaries are known to be very effective. Seeing a word written down enables children to also associate it with the image, which makes it easier for them to remember the word. You can order illustrated Spanish dictionaries using the order form, either alone or in combination with a related activity book which enables children to practise the new words through play.

You can also download extra material to practise with from this website (under ‘downloads/games’). This material is specially aligned with the Juan y Rosa lesson content. Each chapter features a domino game and sobre-mí game. There is also a bingo game which can be played from Chapter 7 onwards, since it includes content from all the chapters. Furthermore, you can practise the vocabulary lists from the various chapters and the Green Blocks.

Other material is available from local or online bookstores, such as booklets from the “Venga a Leer” series. Recommended level 0 booklets include:

  • Los Reyes Magos - Lourdes Miquel y Neus Sans - ISBN 84-87099-70-X
  • La chica del tren - Jordí Surís - ISBN 84-89344-72-8
  • Vacaciones al sol - Lourdes Miquel y Neus Sans - ISBN 84-8443-101-0

On behalf of the pupils, you can also subscribe to the “¿Qué tal?” publication via Mary Glasgow Magazines. Registration is required in order to order the ¿Qué tal? magazine.

Last but not least, it is advisable to purchase CDs of Spanish and/or South American music to increase the children’s exposure to the Spanish language.


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