Part 1 "Juan y Rosa están de vacaciones"

Children can start working with Part 1 of the programme at the start of Key Stage 2. It will take such young pupils at least two years to work their way through the entire textbook and workbook, while children in the second half of Key Stage 2 can complete this part in the space of 12 to 18 months.

What will they learn?

  • The Spanish language in the present tense.
  • To speak Spanish through dialogue and conversations and by acting out scenes in drama exercises.
  • To write letters and emails to other children in Spanish.
  • To read Spanish books.
  • To listen to Spanish stories and songs.
  • To do Spanish puzzles and crosswords.
  • To do homework and reflect on their own learning strategies


The textbook (el libro de texto) comprises 10 chapters, each of which is four pages long. In addition the textbook includes a 30-page dictionary and verb list at the back. The 150-page workbook (las tareas) is bursting with missing-word exercises, puzzles, open-ended questions, drama exercises, listening exercises, etc. Pupils can check their own work using the book of solutions (la solución).

The ‘CD-textbook’ contains the words and conversations from the textbook, spoken by four native/near-native people. The ‘CD-workbook’ contains listening exercises and Spanish music to accompany the exercises in the workbook.

When putting together the book, the author enlisted the help of her own children as well as theoretical knowledge about gifted children and the experiences of ‘t Holthuus primary school in Huissen of working with the method. A Spanish teacher has checked and edited the book from the perspective of grammar and pronunciation.

Part 1 of the method is accompanied by a teachers’ manual and a pupils’ manual. You can download these files below under the heading downloads.

Click here to download a digital version of Chapter 1 of the textbook and of the workbook.


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