Various documents relating to the learning method can be downloaded from this website. The documents currently available are a manual for teachers, a manual for pupils and extra games. The extra games have been designed based on the words covered in Part 1 and Part 2 of the learning method. To obtain the listening test to accompany page 9 of the teachers’ manual, please contact the author [].

You can also download samples of the books in PDF format to gain an impression of the material.

Sample material:

  • Manual for teachers - Soy Don Toro (download)
  • Workbook for pupils - Soy Don Toro (download)
  • Pupils guide Soy Don Toro - Prezi
  • Textbook Juan y Rosa, part 1 (download)
  • Workbook Juan y Rosa, part 1 (download)
  • Textbook Juan y Rosa, part 2 (download)
  • Workbook Juan y Rosa, part 2 (download)


  • Manual for teachers - Juan y Rosa, part 1 (download)
  • Manual for teachers - JUan y Rosa, part 2 (download)
  • Manual for pupils - Juan y Rosa, part 1 (download)

For teachers:

  • Final certificate Juan y Rosa, part 1 (download)
  • Weekly target for Spanish

Extra material to play with - Soy Don Toro

Extra material to play with - Juan y Rosa, part 1:

  • Domino game (download)
  • Lotto game 
  • Sobremí-game
  • Vocab game 
  • Green blocks 
  • San Nicolá game 
  • Los Reyes Magos story 

Extra material to play with -  Juan y Rosa, Part 2:


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